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Panna d.o.o. is a long-standing authorized sales service center of the Epson,  Xerox and Develop brands. The company was established in 1994.

We are experts in document creation and management, direct our business activities into advanced office environments (demanding network solutions of printing, scanning, archiving, optimization and printing management) and demanding graphic environments (digital printing, design studios).

We also round up our rich range of products and solutions with renowned brands such as Kodak, Neopost, Jansen Display, Samsung, Apple, Dahle, Dell, LG and software solutions PaperCut, SafeQ, Pritnshop Mail, Kofax, Abby.

We justify our customers’ trust by maintaining knowledge and new technologies, enabling us to always be one step ahead of competition in after-sales support and maintenance. As is confirmed by the principals with annual evaluations.

The confirmation of the success of cooperation was the annual, successive ranking of panna d.o.o. among the Slovenian business gazelle, i.e. among the 500 fastest growing companies in Slovenia. Business excellence and the status of a trusted company have been confirmed for many years by the international credit rating house Bisnode by issuing the highest AAA rating.


We implement our social responsibility in several areas. In our business we adhere to strict ecological standards, as sponsor or donor we support projects of Slovenian primary and secondary schools as well as faculties, we also actively support cultural projects as well as various sports events (golf, tennis, kayaking, etc.).

Print Services Management – MANAGED Print Services (MPS)

The MPS service combines consulting, hardware and software, implementation and management of the company’s print fleet management processes. The goal is to define the optimal environment on the basis of precise facts and  data, both from the point of view of hardware and in terms of optimising printing processes. In 2016, the team of PANNA d.o.o., which is engaged in the provision of press management services (MPS),
carried out a demanding  accreditation process for XEROX. Also, in the implementation of the MPS service, we  use all the latest tools and equipment on EPSON, DEVELOP (KONICA MINOLTA), XEROX. With such a wide range of tools and solutions, we can deliver measurable positive results.

We ensure the careful implementation of all steps and procedures of MPS services at the highest level and in accordance with the criteria of EPSON, DEVELOP and XEROX corporations, which are regarded as the best-rated MPS approach on the market.

Constant education and adoption of new standards enables panna d.o.o. to offer ever the most modern and optimal solutions that the market has at a given time.

The focus of the MPS concept is based on three basic optimization processes:

  • SAVINGS: More efficient management of your devices can reduce the consumption of electrical (and emotional) energy, the cost of consumables (paint or toner) and the amount of waste.
  • THE IT TEAM CAN FOCUS ON MAJOR BUSINESS TASKS: While IT support staff spend a lot of time installing, supporting and maintaining printing facilities, they can direct time and energy to major projects by hiring outsourced services.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Since we also rent you devices, the fleet of devices is flexible according to current needs and requirements.

Why control printing, copying, and document management services?

In most organizations, the true cost of each device is not known. Also, with additional functionality of devices (e-mail scanning, …) there is no control over the run-off of information from the company.

Control can bring you the following benefits:

    Daily, weekly, monthly consumption report for all devices in use. This can replace more expensive devices for more rational and other technology.

The MPS approach consists of roughly four steps:

1. Assessment of the facts

With the help of advanced tools, we quickly and accurately capture the actual situation, i.say: the condition of the devices themselves, the types of business processes, the way they work, the amount of work, the current costs.

Expert advisors will examine your current infrastructure in detail and look for opportunities to improve capacity, simplify operations and reduce costs.

2. Consulting and preparation of solutions

Our experts, in cooperation with your team, develop short- and long-term plans for managing printing services and improve capacity for your business.

According to the data collected and the recorded status, we prepare a proposal for optimization with the help of dedicated tools, which together with  the client is finally adjusted and completed.

3. Implementation

Professional advisors install software, optimize devices, and establish best practices and training that will take productivity and savings in your business to a new level.  On the basis of the adopted proposal for optimisation,we canalso start with the actual implementation of the solutions. This includes the installation of new equipment, where necessary the relocation of existing equipment, the installation and adaptation of all software solutions covered by the adopted optimisation proposal.

4. Management and control

The entire fleet of printing and multifunction devices shall be included inthe so-called active control system. The system enables constant monitoring of the operation of the devices (counter status, automatic communication of possible faults of the devices, proactive operation of technical personnel) thus relieving the customer (usually the IT section) with administration tasks (reporting counters for each device in a way) and by proactively acting to ensure the highest quality maintenance service, as we actually reduce the failure time to an absolute minimum.

With the help of solutions developed by global corporations EPSON, DEVELOP (KONICA MINOLTA), XEROX, our team automates print management, including troubleshooting and possible repairs

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